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EPDM For Custom Gasket Material

Posted by Virgil Alonso on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

EPDM For Custom Gasket Material resized 600EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber, unabbreviated stands for “E” ethylene, “P” propylene, “D” diene, and “M” refers to its classification in ASTM standard. The M-class includes rubbers having saturated chain of polymethylene. EPDM rubber is very close to the actual rubber ethylene propylene.

EPDM is recommended for hot water and steam, glycol based brake fluids, many organic & inorganic acids, cleaning agent, sodium & potassium alkalis, phosphate-ester based hydraulic fluids, silicone oil and grease.  Also, EPDM has good resistance to polar solvents, ozone, aging, and weathering elements.

Most consumers would be surprised that most of the lining used as seals for cars, are made primarily of EPDM. The vehicle door, window and trunk trim are made with EPDM. It has good vibration damping qualities appealing for vehicular sealing where noise from mating surfaces can be a concern. EPDM is also used in radiators, o-ring seals, solar panels and also used as a medium for water resistance in electrical cable-jointing.

Vulcanization and physical properties of ethylene-propylene elastomers are controlled by the ethylene and diene content. If you decrease the ethylene content, you decrease crystallinity and properties that affect hardness and modulus. Creating the right mixture will result in a product fit for a specific purpose.  And for your application.

Ethylene-propylene elastomers are versatile and fast growing synthetic rubber polymer. Excellent to heat, oxidation, ozone, and weather aging are expected to provide long product-life for automotive, construction, and mechanical applications. With technology advancements, the possibilities to design polymers to meet specific applications and processes for new and improved innovations is in demand.   And EPDM is one of those materials paving its way into that future.

If EPDM appears it could be a solution for your sealing application, please let us know the details.  We welcome the opportunity to work on all new projects.



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