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Extruded & Spliced (Vulcanized) FFKM

Posted by Virgil Alonso on Wed, Dec 4, 2013 @ 16:12 PM

Extruded & Spliced (Vulcanized) FFKM

United Seal & Rubber  is proud to offer extruded and spliced FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) products through our distributor partnership with Parker Engineered Materials Group (Parker Seal Group).  FFKM materials are typically used in applications that are subject to high temperatures and offer greater chemical resistance than most other elastomeric materials.  FFKM materials can offer resistance up to 600 degrees F vs. 400 degrees F for a FKM material.  Our current options are a FF350-75 that is off-white and is good for 5 - 608 degrees F (-15 - 320 degrees C) or V8545-75; black in color and good for 5 - 572 degrees F (-15 - 300 degrees C).  Markets that will have an interest in this technology include semiconductor, chemical processing (CPI) and pharmaceutical to name a few (however, potential applications are not limited to these markets...).  This offering is recommended for:


  • Alphatic & aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Polar solvents (acetone, methylethylketone, dioxane)
  • Inorganic and organic acids
  • Water & steam
  • Petroleum oil
  • Wet / dry chlorine


 FFKM Materials are not recommended for:
  • Fluorinated refrigerants
  • Uranium hexafluoride
  • Molten metals
  • Gaseous & alkali metals
How does little to zero tooling cost sound?  Pretty awesome - Right!  Because this is an extruded process and involves pins and dies and Parker has thousands of sizes in inventory, the tooling can end up being at zero cost to you.  There may be tooling involved in the vulcanizing step and there is a chance that there may not be tooling available for a particular size (i.e. custom profile design).  Even if that is the case, the tooling cost is very small compared with tooling used in most molding processes (as an example).  The available cross sectional diameter of the seals ranges from .070" up to .300".  Also, a selection of custom profile is available (please contact us for your exact requirements).  We can provide in lengths up to 50 ft., depending on profile and material.  Other product features include:
  • No Flash
  • No voids
  • No non-fills or parting lines
  • High strength vulcanized joints
  • Alternative to expensive tooling when a custom size o-ring is needed
The process involved in simple terms is:
  • Extuding the FFKM material into a shape (round or custom profile)
  • Cut-to-length the exact size to form the o-ring or vulcanized seal
  • The two ends of the extrusion is vulcanized via a hot vulcanizing process
  • Repeated/repeatable test have shown that the process offers results of greater than 100% elongation and 600 psi tensile strength, indicating superior splice strength for the FFKM spliced seals.
In summary, we welcome an opportunity to work with you regarding your application needs.  Our FFKM extruded and spliced products could be exactly what you are looking for to handle either you high temperature or aggressive media requirements.  You can visit our website at or contact us at 770-729-8880 to receive additional information or a quote for the FFKM products.  


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