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United Seal & Rubber Offers Parker DB CamLock Seals

Posted by Virgil Alonso on Mon, Mar 3, 2014 @ 17:03 PM

Camlock Seals

United Seal & Rubber is proud to offer Parker's patent pending DB CamLock seal design.  This seal design provides maximum sealing pressure under minimal seal load.  The dual bead design allows for a small contact point that improves performance by requiring less installation force, and extended seal life.  These features will extend the life of the seal, reduces downtime and costly maintenance cost.

Parker's DB CamLock seals are dimensioned to fit easily into all CamLock fitting assemblies and remains in the groove during installation. 

Parker Engineered Material Group has built its reputation on custom blends of rubber compounds.  You can be confident in knowing that Parker EMG will ensure the highest standard of consistent quality while offering food and beverage manufacturers a full range of application appropriate rubber compounds.

Product Features:

  • Seal geometry maximizes seal pressure points.

  • Dual bead design stabilizes seal

  • Design fits all current CamLock fittings

  • Wide selection of sizes and materials to meet specific application requirements.

CamLock Materials


  • Long-term sealability.

  • Reduced Cam assembly force - trust me, try this and you'll love it!!

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Material traceability.


  • Easy removal and replacement.

Engineered Design by Parker Engineered Materials Group

The name Parker Hannifin and engineering are terms that go together like peanut butter and jelly.  In designing the innovated DB CamLock seals, Parker EMG used state of the art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate seal response under loading conditions.  The results clearly demonstrate the improved sealability of the dual bead design, in comparison to the more traditional flat-cut (lathe-cut) seals.  The analysis also identified extreme stress points on the outside diameter of traditional flat cut seals under pressure, which can lead to early seal failure.

CamLock FEA

Parker Engineered Materials Group's ability to develop and compound application - specific rubber formulations allows us to partner with coupling customers for improved seal performance and production uptime.

All Parker Hannifin materials options were tested against industry standard flat seals to identify load compression advantages.  When the Parker DB CamLock  design is implemented using customized compounds, it provides a clear advantage, reducing compressive stress requirements, thereby extending the service life of both seals and fittings.

Camlock Compression Load

Choose the Right Material for Your Application

Parker Engineered Material Group offers a wide range of elastomeric materials to meet critical sealing challenges.  The compounds offered are compliant with the following specifications for manufacturing CamLock seals:

  • FDA standard (21 CFR 177.2600)

  • US Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI

  • 3-A CamLock Standard #18-03

  • Notes:  All FDA materials listed here passed the FCR Title 21 177.2600 extractable testing requirements for repeated use in contact with aqueous and fatty foods.

  • We can help you select a seal material with the performance profile best suited for YOUR application. 


CamLock Compounds Physical Properties

Camlock   Common Used Compounds


Brewery Tested:

We offer a white EPDM compound developed by Parker Engineered Materials Group exclusively for the brewery industry.  This material coupled with the patent pending Dual Bead seal design provides superior performance under compression and extends seal life without adversely affecting product taste.  The compression set of the materials tested was taken after 70 hours in beer at a temperature of 185 degrees F ( 85 degrees C ).


describe the image


Easily Traceability for Increased Safety and Convenience

All of our CamLock seals feature laser-etched product identification for easy material traceability.  By providing the Parker CamLock products, you can have the reassurance that Parker Engineered Materials Group utilizes their own rubber mixing capability, which ensures full traceability back to the raw materials used in production.


describe the image

Camlock product ordering


For additional information, Please visit  If we can provide a quote to you, please visit; REQUEST FOR QUOTE.  We welcome the opportunity to supply you with you Camlok requirements.

United Seal and Rubber is an authorized Parker Engineered Materials Group fabricator-distributor.  In addition to the Parker Engineered Materials group, we offer the Parker Chomerics products as well.  Our Quality Management System is ISO9001 – AS9100 certified and we have proudly served our customers since 1974.  Located in Atlanta Ga, we welcome the opportunity to become your supplier for "all things rubber".






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