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United Seal & Rubber: Vibration Isolation & Mitigation Materials

Posted by Virgil Alonso on Fri, Apr 18, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

Vibration - Insulation Material for industrial applications


United Seal & Rubber is pleased to offer polyurethane based closed cell and mixed cell vibration isolation and mitigation materials.   These materials can provide the following:

- Excellent Deflection properties

  • Ultraflexible PUR structure

  • Low residual deformation, excellent recovery properties

  • High ratio of closed cells

  • Minimal absorption of water


- A combination of insulation and dampening


  • Versatile, elastic PUR material

  • Porous, mixed-cell structure

  • Excellent durability


- Top notch shock absorption


  • Visco - elastic PUR structure

  • Porous, mixed - cell structure

  • Excellent internal dampening & absorption of shock-like loads


- Special Products

  • Outstanding performance in very low ambient temperatures.

  • Extreme resistance to wear.

  • With special sliding layers.



Solutions featuring flexible polyurethane materials are used in a multitude of industries.  Vibration materials increase lifespan, decrease wear, and have a positive effect on working conditions.   These products can be found in the following industries:

  • Electrical engineering and equipment construction

  • Transport and lifting industry

  • Vehicle construction (e.g. railcar, yachts and buses)

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Optics 

  • Medical technology (e.g. orthopedics)

  • Machinery

  • White goods



Because we have a strong relationship with our supplier, we can provide numerical modeling, material testing, cost - efficiency analysis and accompanying consulting.  These services may include:

  • Design and calculation

  • Project management

  • Installation consulting & technical acceptance

  • Material selection & prototype manufacturing 

  • Cost effeciency analysis

  • 2D/3D CAD, Modeling/simulation & FEA

  • Vibration, mechanical and acoustic measurements


Application examples for the polyurethane materials we offer:

  • Dampening material for bicycle seats (for that long ride...)

  • Buffer rings in power brake systems (Automotive)

  • Elastic coatings for conveyor rollers and other types of rollers

  • Elastically mounted foundations to reduce structure - borne noise

  • Deflection/dampening components for rapid mitigation of vibration

  • Stair mounting systems for reducing footstep noise

  • Decoupling of high use, dynamic metal components (Automotive)

  • Protective padding for othopedic underwear to protect against injury

  • Drive Belts

  • Mounting systems for equipment, machinery and motors

  • Polishing pads for the optics industry


Equipment applictions include:

  • Chillers

  • Air conditioning units (HVAC)

  • Compressors

  • Generators

  • Blowers

  • Boilers

  • Motors

  • Gear Boxes

  • Transformers

  • Turbines (water and gas driven)



United Seal and Rubber welcomes the opportunity to provide vibration isolation & mitigation materials.  If we can be of service, please let us know REQUEST FOR QUOTE.










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